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Master Trainer, Founder, Keynote Speaker, Experienced Consultant, Media Contributor

For more than three decades, Neil has been a ground breaker and leader in the Hair Beauty and Aesthetic industries.

His expertise creates new milestones in your business results, by showing you how to capture a greater share of these multi-billion dollar markets. He has launched, sold and distributed major brands, and managed large national and international sales teams.

In every role, it was his skills in persuasion, structure and inspiration that helped those teams deliver strong, predictable sales growth. Then, as a business growth coach, he gained an intimate understanding of the inner workings and motivations of salon owners, their staff and customer profiles.

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It’s these three aspects that make Neil’s market vision and understanding, unique

  • He believes that generic training doesn’t work.
  • Instead, Neil teaches an industry-specific method.
  • Tried, tested and developed in the industry, for the industry. Built on decades of work in the industry, it’s non-pressure, question-based and very, very persuasive.

His clients have enjoyed unprecedented results:

Increase in the
up sell
Increase in the
Increase increase
in retail sales
Growth in client
enquiry conversions

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Consult with Neil for targeted solutions

Talk to Neil, if you want to maximise your sales in the salon and clinic marketplaces. But… expect that he’ll want to find out what your real problems are, before he suggests a solution to change your sales results.

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