Want to do more with the salon and clinic clients you already have?

Double your treatments, add-on services and retail, using persuasion








4.00 – 5.00pm Wednesday 10 August 2022

4-week Zoom course specifically designed for the Hairdressing & Beauty industries

Do you or your team struggle with getting your clients to accept your suggestions and recommendations?

Are these frustrating you?


Clients not accepting your suggestions for extra colour or in-clinic treatment services?


Unable to get existing clients to accept new treatments


You’re talking too much and not asking enough questions and not listening


Missing lots of client signals and opportunities to let your clients buy more


You're embarrassed and unsure what to say when a client says 'No'


Lack of retail sales and at-home treatments


Want to improve your revenue and increase your average client transaction

There’s a new way, without all the pressure and push

Spendsuasion® blends ‘spending’ with ‘persuasion.’

It gives you a simple model to follow – suggesting the words and phrases to use with clients and when to say them. The conversation is elevated to a new level, quickly building respect, trust and comfort.

Spendsuasion® is suited to any service business with a consultative approach and once mastered, moves salons, clinics and their teams into a new style of asking and listening.

What would your income be if this were you …


In-Clinic Revenue

50%+ increase in up-sells
30%+ increase in cross-sell
50%+ increase in retail sales

Persuasion Skill

Help clients spend more when
they’re booking, re-booking or
during a retail sale

Client Experience

Team learns the exact words to say
and when, for more comfortable


Neil Osborne

Revenue Growth Expert

Neil is a revenue growth expert with 30+ years of experience exclusively in high-end salons and aesthetic clinics.

As a salon and clinic coach, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses, using industry-specific methods that grow their revenue, develop their consultation and persuasion skills, and multiply their turnover.


Over 4 weeks, for 60-mins a week, we unpack Spendsuasion® 

Covering the four critical areas that increase revenue:

1. Up-sell

2. Cross-sell

3. Re-book

4. Retail

New language is introduced and practiced, to help you shift and lift your results across those four areas.

The SPENDSUASION® 4-Week Course

In the course, you’ll learn to forget those tacky push-push sales techniques that don’t work. They make you and your client, feel uncomfortable.

Instead, by using Spendsuasion®, you won’t feel like you’re pressuring anyone. You’ll just be having a conversation… it’ll feel easy. Comfortable even.

By applying what you learn you’ll be able to…


Overcome objections like "I have to think about it"

(so you can book and re-book clients with more ease and comfort)


Increase the average client transaction across your business

(so you know the right type of money is flowing in through the door)


Inspire your team to have confident client conversations

(so clients will think it’s their idea to re-book and buy product)


Improve your level of confidence


Stop pushing your clients to buy


Change how you feel about closing sales


There  are 2 ticketing options:

1. Individuals can book at $425 for 4 weeks

2. Salon or clinic teams (up to 3 participants) $995 per salon for 4 weeks

Larger personalised programs are available upon request.

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What’s the difference between the individual booking and the team booking option?

There is no difference in the content you will learn and receive, both bookings will bring you into the 4-week x 60-minute zoom program. It’s simply a more cost-effective method for salon owners to book multiple team members. The maximum number of participants per course is 24 people.

What do I need to know if booking my team?

This type of communication works best when the participants have a strong, clear internet connection and connect using the video option. While it may be tempting to bring everyone together to watch and participate in one room, this training is best when you have one participant per screen, as each person needs to interact separately.

My team is larger than the 3 people for the team booking option. Are there other options?

If you have a larger team, you may wish to reach out and discuss the options available to run a program exclusively for your salon or clinic team. This type of program can be conducted virtually or in-salon face to face. Feel free to email me directly on

We're a unique business and offer different treatments. We need a tailored program, is that an option?

We specialise in tailoring Spendsuasion® to compliment businesses that have a unique treatment offering. You may wish to reach out and discuss the options available to run a program exclusively just for your team. This type of program can be conducted virtually or in-salon face to face. Feel free to email me directly on

Can I get one-on-one support if needed?

If you feel you’re falling behind, there’s a special option available for a complimentary 60-minute private call if you feel you or your team require extra assistance.

Is the program delivered live or pre-recorded?

Each 60-minute lesson is delivered live and is interactive, allowing for opportunities for Q&A.

Is each week’s program recorded?

When joining each week’s program, you’ll be asked to agree that the lesson is recorded. The recording of each week’s program is available for participants to revisit the learnings of the week.

Is there a workbook included?

Yes, a workbook is supplied at the commencement of the course and referred to for the whole 4-week course.

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